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Colonic Plus Stomach Acidity Balancer (16 tabl)

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Physiological effects

  • Heartburn is a common problem. Predisposive factors are large meal sizes, excess fat, fried food, coffee, alcohol and sour drinks, excess weight and stress. Stomach irritation and esophagus can be felt as burning inside the breastbone.
  • Calcium carbonate decreases the stomach’s pH and symptoms caused by it. Calcium carbonate’s extensive range of digestion enzymes guarantee that digestion continues without disruptions even if stomach pH increases. Increased pH usually stops digestion in the body and causes new symptoms.
  • Calcium carbonate works as so called antacid. One tablet contains Calcium carbonate 844 mg, which equals 300 mg of Calcium.
  • In addition, tablets contain digestion enzymes for splitting proteins, fat and carbohydrates.

Calcium carbonate – Enzyme –Chewing tablet,
Berry flavoured

  • Digestive enzymes for heartburn and stomach acidity problems.
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